16mm colour film transferred to digital, 1 Hour 11 mins
Sunrise With Sea Monsters charts the absurdly prophetic journey of a humble hard drive from the domestic shelter of the desktop and out into the perilous romance of the British landscape to explore speculative ideas on memory, data, humanism and futurity. Captured entirely on 16mm film stock with an old clockwork Bolex camera, the hard drive embarks on a quest of self-discovery to reveal an odyssey of sci-fi tech, global archives, digital apocalypses, metaphysical data, non-human futures, and memory failure.
The film features conversations between Myles Painter and pioneering technologists who are developing emerging data storage technologies for the long-term preservation of human knowledge and radical thinkers who are questioning the nature of reality, data, and the future of humanity. Animated by these voices, the hard drive traverses a vast cinematic landscape to ask the who, how, when and why we will be remembered in the future and by whom?

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